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You Have Two Choices When Considering A Solar System For Your Home.


1. You Can Give Away Your 30% Federal Tax Credit To The Leasing Company While Paying Up To 3 Times More For The Same Solar System When Compared To A Purchase.

2. Or You Can Purchase The Same Solar System And Keep Your 30% Federal Tax Credit And Pay As Little As 1/3 The Cost Of A Leased System.





1. Solar leasing and PPA companies price their systems at about $6.00 to $7.00 per watt and will take away all of your financial incentives. Today you can purchase a name brand, high quality solar system for less than $2.80 a watt, installed, before any incentives. Incentives that you'll be able to keep.

2. The leasing and PPA companies will tell you that they will pay for any maintenance, repairs, monitoring and insurance. But you will pay so much more for a lease when compared to a purchase, (up to 3 times more) that it will actually be you, who will be paying for your own maintenance, repairs, monitoring and insurance, not the leasing company.

3. With a solar lease or PPA, you'll have to forfeit the 30% federal tax credit to the leasing or PPA company. The 30% federal tax credit is worth about $10,000.00 on an average sized 6kW solar system at the leasing company's much higher pricing. With a $0 down solar loan instead of a lease, you'll get to keep your 30% federal tax credit as well as any other applicable incentives.

4. You don't need a lease or PPA to get $0 down financing anymore. A much better financing option is a $0 down solar loan instead of a lease. With a $0 down solar loan, you'll get to keep the huge 30% federal tax credit and any applicable cash rebate, A $0 down solar loan is easier to qualify for and the interest on your payments is tax deductible. The best part is that you'll own your solar system for a much greater return on investment.

5. Homeowners and real estate professionals are now reporting difficulties when attempting to sell homes with solar leases attached to them. After all, what homebuyer would want to assume the lease payments on a used solar system, when they can buy a brand new solar system for tens of thousands less than the remaining lease payments and keep the huge 30% federal tax credit by purchasing a system instead of leasing?

Before you lock up your roof with an airtight leasing contract for the next 20 years, let us provide you with an unbeatable, no obligation, online solar quote and we'll prove to you how expensive a lease really is and how affordable solar system ownership can be.

We can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars when
compared to a 20 year $0 down lease.

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